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Kelly Cappola started Women & Wishes because she personally faced a need unmet in the community; no one was helping the middle income woman when a financial difficulty arose. In 2007, she and her best friend Marion Applegate began the journey to help local women that found themselves in this situation. Together they fought diligently for many years lifting women up and out of their frightening situations.

As her life progressed, Kelly felt an intense and longing desire to connect to her spiritual life's journey. As her newly directed life unfolded, Kelly's new path was to assist women find and heal their inner self. She was already helping them thru Women & Wishes nevertheless, she knew there was much more to be done. Kelly feverishly studied, prepared and educated herself for this new journey.

In 2010 she began creating peaceful spiritual retreats that would allow others to heal, grow and learn. She built a spa retreat and training facility at her precious sacred space in South Carolina, where many found clarity, love and connection. She additionally designed and unified an additional sacred area that she shared at her majestic home in Pompano Beach.

Kelly was divinely driven to be a soul that gently helped take the hand of those in need; Kelly truly was an angel in a human body.

Kelly made her transition in February of 2013 and there isn't a day that goes by that she is not thought of with love.



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Kelly's request was that donations be made to Women & Wishes in her memory to help continue her vision.

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