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To women and wishes,

I just want to say how grateful I am of this organization. I was caught in a little bit of a bind in December with my rent due to the fact of helping my mom. My mom lost her job 2 years ago. A job she had for 15 years, and since than it has been hard for her to find a job. So being the strong person she is and not liking handout, I help her when I can with bills, mortgage, helping around the house and with her resume. Also with job fairs.  I guess I got so caught up in helping her I totally forgot about my rent. I was worried because its just me who pays my bills and obviously I couldn't ask my mom or let her know the situation. I stared to look for a second job so I can pay my rent. One day I over herd someone talking about this organization and I decided to check out the website. I love how this organization helps women who need it. So I decided to write them, tell my story and hope to hear from them. I wrote on a Friday so I herd from Jane on Monday. We played a little phone tag, but we finally got a hold of each other. We had a good conversation on the phone. She is really easy to talk to. I didn't feel embarrassed or felt like I was being talked down to. She let me know sometime people do need help. And it is nothing to be ashamed about. Well after out conversation she told me she will make a couple calls and get back to me, and she did! She was happy to inform me that she will pay my December rent. I started to cry when she told me.  This was truly a blessing. This organization is a blessing. I wish there were more like women and wishes. When someone blesses you with help , especially in the world today is truly a blessing. I want to thank women's and wishes and Jane for everything they did to help me and for helping other women to. They have hearts of gold and so do the people who donate to them. I cannot thank you enough, and I hope I can help someone one day or soon as they helped me.

Thank you.





I was at my wits ends. After having a surgery and unable to perform my functions at work I saw myself out of luck. Raising three kids on my own with little to no help from the father, having no friends or family for help, I became desperate. Willing to do whatever to keep a roof over my kids' head. Then I found Women & Wishes. Just submitted my request and hoped and prayed that it would be granted. The day I received the phone call to say that they would help me, I cried. There was help for me and for this help I will be forever grateful.




Thank you so much Women & Wishes for paying my rent for September. I was always the person people came to for help and now I found myself in a position struggling for rent money. I will never forget the gratitude and love from Women & Wishes. Your organization is a dream come true. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God Bless You.





I want to thank your organization for not only the assistance but for treating me with respect. I needed help for my rent due to a short-term disability. I applied for assistance and was denied because what they saw on paper appeared to them that I wasn't able to manage my bills, they didn't take into consideration my utilities, car payment etc. When I first contacted Women & Wishes I explained my situation, there were no funds available at the time but I was promised a call when they became available. I was a little disappointed but worked extra hours to come up with what I could. As promised I received a call when I was about to give up. They were able to help me so that I'm now ahead. I can now sleep at night not worried about the embarrassment of eviction papers on my door and to keep a roof over my head for my son and me. Words cannot express how grateful I am but thank you with all my heart.



To the great women of/at Women and Wishes I am very grateful for the help that I received on August 14,2014. That day will forever be in my mind and heart. My story was one that I kept to myself not wanting to let anyone in. My financial situation has hit the bottom I had to do a modification on my home along with trying to be certain that I can make ends meet not knowing where and if I could make my payments on bills which were necessary I went online after being given the website to Women and Wishes by someone and it took a couple of days before I would send in my info and my story. Why, because I have always been independent and always thought that someone else is more important than myself.

My story was read and I did receive a call from Ms. Jane and she explained to me the policy and procedure even though there weren't any promises I got a second call from her to answer more definite questions and the 3rd call was the charm I thank God as well as the board of Women and Wishes for hearing my story and knowing what I have been living through for awhile. I am very grateful to all that is a part of this organization. This testimony is just a brief of how I feel about Women and Wishes what I truly feel is indescribable

Again thank you and I am grateful

There is a bible verse that is fit for me and the help from Women and Wishes

Proverbs 3:5

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding

A lesson I learned through my crisis and from the help of this organization

Tabatha Edwards


I would like to thank the amazing women at Women and Wishes for helping lift me up in a time of need. I found myself in a difficult financial situation after having to assist with funeral arrangements and paying for unforeseen emergencies with my home. While looking for a book scholarship on the Jim Moran Foundation website I came across the Women and Wishes organization and convinced myself to give it a try. To my surprise Ms. Jane reached out to me and made me feel comfortable telling her my situation and in a matter of hours she delivered wonderful news to me. I honestly felt a weight lifting off my shoulders. These women are a God send and I am so grateful for their generosity.



There are no words to describe the impact that Women and Wishes has had on my life. They granted me a new outlook on life, when all I saw was gray. I want to thank you Jane for seeing in me, what many may not see. A strong hard working single mother of two, who strives to provide the best life she can for her children. I will forever be grateful and keep you and Women and Wishes in my prayers. "Seek and you shall find" Matthew 6:33, 7:7



I needed help and needed it fast! On March 25th 2014, a chain of events that can only be explained as divine intervention, led me to Women and Wishes Organization. Here is my testimony.

I called the Broward county 211 referral line (they were very caring and helpful in giving me resources) and as an after thought, the operator told me about Women and Wishes. She was unsure if they could help, then told me they grant one time wishes to women in similar situations. She gave no guarantees, however, it was an offer of HOPE.

As soon as I could, I went to their site, read about them, and sent the requested information. Within one hour, I received a phone call from Jane. She introduced herself, told me a bit about the organization; what they do, offered no guarantee, however, was empathetic to my need. After giving her more detail on my situation, Jane told me she would need to speak to the president and would get back to me shortly. Well, within a half hour, she called back with the news that changed the course of events for the rest of the week. Jane told me that Marion gave the okay and this is what they did for me. Women and Wishes offered to pay my rent and bring it current, including a small past due balance I had from the previous month, they would do the same for my electric bill, and give my $150 gift card for food and gas!!! I was AWE struck!! I cried and thanked Jane and Marion for their consideration and decision to give me the assistance I needed to get through this challenging time. Jane and I met Thursday and I could not thank her enough. I would also like to thank Marion and Women and Wishes from the bottom of my heart, as well as my son's. I am a single mother and these life challenges not only affect us, they affect our children.

Jane lent a compassionate ear and offered hope and sound advice for the life to come. She also told me to expect my life to take off! Women that have been helped, inevitably receive continued blessings in one way or another. One example is that I received a call back from a company I sent a resume to online and they set up an interview with me that Friday. A few other favorable things have happened since then as well!

To Women and Wishes Organization, a heart felt "thank you" for ALL your help through this very trying time. My "mountain" was your molehill. To all the sponsors and people who donate to support Women and Wishes, a heartfelt "thank you" as well because none of this could be possible without your donations and support. Many blessings to Women and Wishes to continue Kelly's vision to help women not only locally, but nationally. With One Woman at a time, Kelly's vision will come to complete fruition. I have Faith in that!

Warmest Regards and Love,



To The Wonderful Women at Women & Wishes,

What a blessing it is to reach out in time of need and have someone actually takes your hand, willingly with no judgment, all with grace and understanding!

This past year has been one of great financial struggles, with no real end in sight until some significant changes/goals (i.e. better paying job) are achieved. I have reached the point where it's one of vanished savings, no raises in sight, rising expenses and continued lack of support from my daughter's father. (In all fairness, he is going through major challenges himself.) Rent, utilities/phone, car insurance come first, other expenses take a back seat. I was three months behind in my daughter's prepaid college plan program. I had to find a way to get caught up.

I remember learning about Women & Wishes years ago when it was first founded. I visited their website and was happily amazed with what they do. Average women like me with "bigger than average" (to us, at least) problems. I contacted them and someone got in touch with me just two days later. I shared with her my situation and my frustrations, learned how this organization works and what they would like in return from me once a Wish has been "granted."

A lot of people think of charitable organizations as those who raise money for research for a health-related cause or an organization that helps children/women at risk of violence, or homeless concerns. Those are mighty and worthy causes. But for us women (single parent, very modest means no less), who "fall between the cracks" who just need a little help pulling through, Women & Wishes is a godsend and I am forever grateful. I look forward to paying it forward and giving back in spades when I am in better financial position to do so!

Thank you Women & Wishes.

Jane L.  Plantation, Florida


Foreclosure Crisis:  After years of battling for a mortgage modification resulted in a raise in my payment instead of interest rate and principal being lowered, I found my foreclosure suddenly final. This occurred during a time of being out of work for a long period due to injury. Although I finally got a sales "commission only" job, I could not generate income fast enough to scale down to even a modest efficiency apartment. Having no friends or family in a position to help financially or even a place to stay, I was unsure what would happen to me. Well, there are little angels at Women & Wishes!

In a world full of "NO" to every idea I had to get help – THEY CAME TO MY RESCUE! Even when my new landlord's terms were difficult, my angels bent over backwards to make sure I had a place to go! There are no words for the compassion they showed me – so rare nowadays. God bless them for their generosity, I hope to regain my stability and reciprocate to the organization someday soon!



 I was down and out and by the grace of GOD I came across Women & Wishes that helped me in my time of need.

They were angels that answered my prayers. I am eternally grateful for this organization and I pray that one day I will be able to reciprocate for the need of others.

Thank you so much!!! God Bless this organization!




I would like to thank Women & Wishes for their generous contribution of helping my family during a very difficult financial hardship.

My family and I fell into a hardship trying to adjust to extra expenses and unforeseen emergencies that set our finances back. I did not know what I was going to do and the added financial stress was affecting my health. When I contacted Woman & Wishes I wasn't sure if they would be judgmental like others organizations and I was ashamed to have gotten so far behind, but Ms. Jane, never once judged me or put me down and that gave me courage to know that I can overcome this challenge and get back on my feet.

I would like to thank all the staff at Women and Wishes for truly having the heart of gold and helping my family during our financial setback. I pray that God will continue to bless the funding that it is needed to help Women & Wishes make the difference in the lives of Women and families.

Anonymous Recepient


I wanted to personally thank Women & Wishes for all your help and support. I lost my position as a teacher and therefore had a reduction in income. I spoke with Jane because of this event I became behind in my rent was in the process of being evicted from my apartment. My daughter and I faced the prospect of being homeless. Jane and the women and wishes helped to prevent that from that happening through their generosity and loving support. They were my and my daughters' angels.



" I recently found myself faced with a challenging time in my life. As a single mom, I felt the negative pressure of this situation everywhere I turned. During this very "dark" time, the support of Women and Wishes was the "light of hope" that was needed to keep moving me forward and stop the backwards spiral. I will be forever grateful to this organization and their investment in ME!"



Women and Wishes- A name I will remember for the rest of my life. I am so blessed. My heart was heavy with worry on how I was going to pay my rent. I received the 3 day notice from the apartment manager and every day the phone rang it dug a hole in me. I prayed every day for God to answer my pray to have the money to pay the rent. I was pretty much asking for a miracle. So many horrible thoughts went through my head. Throughout it all I had to keep the faith (It was hard). It was hard because I knew I tried so hard to come up with the rent money but it all seemed hopeless. Then one day I was referred to Women and Wishes. I was hesitant at first, because I said to myself " These people will not even read my letter and to my surprise and joy I received a call from Jane. Jane is one of God's angels along with all the other members of this organization. I have been having many sleepless nights and tonight I can sleep in peace. God is awesome. I received my miracle. Jane and Women and Wishes are truly a blessing. People this is an organization that is worth donating to. I will like to help as much as I can with this organization. Even though I do not have the money to donate I can donate my time. As soon as I can help financially I am going to do the best I can and support this organization. After I met with Jane I was screaming and shouting all the way home. Jane made me feel like someone cares. She did not judge me. She really cared and I felt comfortable confiding in her. I kept saying " Is this a dream or what?" Again Women and Wishes is an awesome and blessed organization. This blessing will get me over a huge bump in my life. Sorry I could not wait to share this blessing. I had to do it immediately.

Thank you sooooooooooooo much. Blessed, grateful, and humble.


 Jane, I cannot thank YOU and Women and Wishes enough for the life-saving wish you granted me in repairing my van.  Like many single mothers living on a shoestring budget, my prayer life is larger than ever!  I feel so fortunate to be struggling in the world because I have learned to reach out to others.  My job is out West and I had to replace a transmission less than 6 months ago, which was NOT in my budget. So I tightened up even more on what was already a difficult budget.  Then, this week I was hit with another huge car repair bill.  I know a car is a luxury, but I truly need it to travel to my job, school, and after school activities.  I began to pray….I was so sad and it seems like I can never get ahead much less make ends meet.  I contacted a girlfriend and I was distraught…..wondering how in the world was this going to work.  She told me about Women and Wishes so I went to the website from my desk at work.  The website was AMAZING! I read the stories of wishes granted to other women.  I felt hopeful…..I clicked on the wish button, filled in the information, and hit send.  I then prayed again… see, I have been on this journey for a while.  Seven years ago this month I was homeless….and had to ask for help from another local organization to get on my feet.  I promised myself I would never again be in a position where I needed help.  I have worked very hard to take care of myself and my family and still….hard times come.  I help others, I am honest, I love God…and still hard times come.  So, Why?  “Why”, I asked God…”I need a sign” I prayed. By the afternoon I received a call from Jane….and I knew it was God’s answer to my prayer. All of the difficulties I have faced and made it through continue to shape me as a Mother, woman, friend, and co-worker…..I am SUPER grateful to Women and Wishes, Jane, God, and the other courageous women who reach out and ask for help on your website.  No matter what may come, I can and WILL, get through it. Now, every time I get into my vehicle…I will be thinking…”How good is God”…..nice way to spend a long commute to work.


Thanks for the gift of hope! Much Love!


Always being a hard-working, independent woman, I never would have thought there would come a day when I would be out of work, out of funds, and just plain out of luck, but unfortunately it did happen.    After living in the same rental apartment for 33 years I found my-self facing eviction. I was very scared and thought there was nowhere to turn to for help. I was told about this wonderful organization, "Woman & Wishes" and decided to ask for a wish request of some assistance with this month's rent.  Well, not only did they pay this month's rent, but they also paid next month's rent as well and gave me gift cards to buy food until I start working again and get back on my feet. Thanks to this wonderful organization and the kind, compassionate women who give their time, I am back on track. I feel as though I've won the lottery!

A special thanks to Jane Vicale for all her help and for making me feel so special.

Barbara G. 


I am beyond grateful to the ladies at Women and Wishes for all the tremendous financial help they have provided for myself and my two young children. I don't know what I would have done without them. My husband and I broke up and I was sent away after being a stay at home mom for the past 7 years I had nothing, no car, no money, no insurance for my kids. I am now able ro keep my head above water while I look for a job and get my life together. What a huge help, I just know that my life is headed in the right direction for me and my children, and Women and Wishes is a huge part of that. Thank you just doesn't seem like enough... What you ladies do is amazing.

Forever Grateful,

Consuelo James


 I wanted to say thank you from the very bottom of my heart for helping me! I was a step away from being on the street and it was so hard to ask for help, but I am so thankful I did.

I was so desperate and had been searching for ways to make more money to meet my rent. I take care of my grandma who is 94 and legally blind and her expenses for her prescriptions and increased electricity bill amounts as well a food took more and more from my paycheck and I became behind in my rent. The landlord was adding $50.00 per day late fees too. I have been looking for part time work in addition to my full time job. I cannot even begin to tell you how much you have helped me and your talk with me helped by telling me it is ok to expect people to respect me and I deserve to be respected. I have been sending out resumes to get a better paying job and have set lot of things in motion in a positive way already. You really care and so do the other ladies in the company. I cannot wait until the day comes that I can volunteer with your company and also reach out to other women who are hurting and need help. You gave me hope and I was ready to give up. It was so nice to be able to not be judged, but rather spoken to in a nice way and told that I do count and I am making my life count for something too! There is so much I want to share:-) Thank you, thank you, thank you for caring. I do have to add that it had been several years since I could walk around in a grocery store and actually buy a box of pasta and a jar of Publix sauce and some cheese. I felt so empowered and bought my bananas and other food it was amazing. Thank you Jane!! Please extend my gratitude to the other ladies



 I am a single mother of 3 beautiful children; this past year I lost my job, if life was not hard enough to raise my children alone now without a pay check to come with it. I had eaten away at my saving and now was just trying to get by. Since I had and still want to give my children a better future then what life has currently offered to them, they are enrolled in a private school. The school had notified me this past week that they had made a tuition mistake and I currently owe them $150.00 more for my youngest child who is in first grade. Although $150.00 is not that much of money, to me it was like I now owe them a million dollars and where would I come up with this amount. The school had notified me that I would have till the end of the week to pay the amount owed or my child would have to be pulled out of school. What am I to do? By the grace of God I had been told of this wonderful organization "Women & Wishes" that they grant single mothers a request-wish. I had called & talked with a very caring and understanding lady by the name of Jane, I told her of my situation and my current problem. She had guided me how to request my wish. Women & Wishes did not only put a band aid on the problem but also paid the school's tuition for the next month which gave a bit of breathing room. Things are slowing changing, I am getting back into the work force and a new life is just waiting for me to grab it.

A little thank you Women & Wishes for seeing two steps ahead where I could only see what was in front of me.

Sincerely and deepest gratitude,

L. M.


Words can’t express the gratitude I hold for Women & Wishes.  Because of you I am able to now drive and move my life in the right direction.  I can’t thank you enough for your support and am truly grateful to Women & Wishes.

S. R.


I have recently been blessed through the Woman and wishes organization. I was introduced to them through word of mouth and searching the internet. I then submitted my wish stepping out on faith. My entry was “My wish is that your organization can help pay for my utility bill one or both which is my light and water bills. The water recently was disconnected and the lights will soon be disconnected if not paid soon” I did not think that they were going to pay both because of the amount. After speaking with Jane and her associates I knew that this was a blessing they were so pleasant and understanding. A day later I received a call stating they were going to pay both of my bills. I instantly began to cry because I was so over whelmed. I then thanked her a million times and promised when I finish school and become a nurse I will join their organization as a sponsor. I am so grateful for this organization and would support what they do 100% God bless them for blessing others.



I want to take the time to thank Jane and everyone involved in the women and wishes organization.  I found myself in a position where I was behind on my rent and was told about women and wishes, I was very reluctant to apply because I was so afraid of being looked down on and not knowing what to expect.  Desperate for assistance with my rent I applied not expecting to get any results and to my surprise I received a call from Jane at women and wishes.  Jane you took the time to tell me that you know how hard it must have been for me to send my wish request, you gave me words of comfort and most of all women and wishes granted my request beyond my expectations.   I never knew that there could be an organization that could be so warm, comforting and caring of my problem.   Because of Women and Wishes not only was I able to pay my rent, but this organization paid for my business cards and my notary class I am still stunned and totally lost for words and all I can keep saying from the bottom of my heart is thank you, thank you so much for your kindness and all that you did for me and my daughter.  Women and wishes when I started loosing faith you showed me that there are still good, caring, compassionate people in this world. Thank you.



I want to thank Jane and Women and Wishes from the bottom of my heart, Thank you for helping me thru one of the hardest moments of my life; God bless your organization, before coming to you I felt that there was no way I could deal with this problem, it has been a challenging few months for me and my children, I have been struggling to pay my bills due to my husband leaving, I was not able to pay my phone bill and of course due to nonpayment it was turned off with a balance of $519.71.  This is the only way I have to communicate with anyone, my kids school etc. A friend of mine advised me and recommended me to contact Women and Wishes to see if they could help me, I was a little skeptical at first because I thought they wouldn’t see how important having a cell phone is for me, maybe they could help people with bigger problems, but probably not me. I still went online and sent a wish request, I right away received and email advising me that the request was received and that someone was going to contact me; again I right away received an email from Jane, she was great and really attentive, she showed me she cared about my problem, and just that meant a lot to me.  Women and Wishes took care of my cell phone bill, I am so truly thank full.

Truly yours


Gods Silhouette....
Its a double rainbow in the sky after a torrential rain, And a person resembling an angel with kind eyes and a caring smile,I met someone walking the journey not talking the talk.  Lifting a hand to help,without judgement and with total respect.  My funds were exasperated from an accident and a resent move in residence .I am a single mom.  I am alone,and sometimes when too many things hit at once,its impossible to stay afloat.  I was also needing car insurance to keep on keeping on. I needed an air condition to be fixed (very pricey).  I met the beautiful Jane who shared a coffee with me and some comfortable chat.  Jane was quick to help in confidence and not suspicion like some people treat another soul that has a need.  I appreciated that so much.. She cared that I would have to drive around in Florida scourging heat,got me back on the road so I can safely go to work and reinforced for me that there are great people in the world, People who go that far to care are truly Gods Silhouette. For me a double rainbow means He winks . There was a double rainbow in the sky that afternoon.   :)


I got a divorce from my husband after 38 years & I was not given any money, but I got the house but everything is old & the water heater broke & the electricity wasn’t working so we had no hot water for six months for my daughter, son & grandson.  I thank-you from all my heart for fixing the electricity so we can have hot water & take showers & cook & wash our cloths.

Jessie Frage


I wanted to take a moment to thank Women and Wishes for their kindness and generosity in a difficult time. Two years ago I lost everything I had in a fire; gone through a not so nice divorce and basically found myself and my three kids homeless, shoeless, penniless and without anything. In the past two years we moved to a brand new town and I worked had at getting a business started that would support us and provide a roof for us  and  things were  going well

I was able to pay my bills and provide food and with my business growing I need to  pay for licenses to  keep everything going in the upward direction I was striving for however  I just did  not  have the capital to get  my  licensing and insurance in order to  keep my business up and running smooth. I was at a complete loss until I found them.

A job working for someone else would devastate me and my family so it was either lose everything I worked so hard for or get my paperwork and payments in order, Women and Wishes helped make it possible for me to continue my business and provide for my family and become a successful independent woman!

It a dream come true to be able to continue the path I had paved for my family's future and Women and Wishes removed the last of my roadblocks I cannot express my gratitude enough!  I look forward to being successful in my endeavors and   in turn   partnering with Women and Wishes in the future, helping dreams come true!


Kellee Ray LMT , Cnmt
Holistic Sunshine


Dear Women and Wishes,

I can't Thank You enough for your help with my struggles.  In 2008, I was your average upperclass housewife: taking care of our 5000 square foot home in an upscale community, fiance' and 4 children; ( I say fiance' because we were not legally married to protect my fiance's money) We lived like one big happy family though and we married each other spiritually.  I had dinner on the table most every night in addition to school meetings, volleyball games, volunteering or entertaining my fiance's clients.  I was very active in my fiance's business when I was a housewife and then I went back to work when he said he needed help paying his company bills.  I depleted my life savings to do more than my share to help.    Then in 2009, I got sick.  I was hospitalized in March for 3 days and I was getting very ill again in September along with two of the children.  We discovered the problem, Mold, that lied within the walls of our home so my family and I had to vacate our home until the mold was removed.  My fiance' did not take kindly to this and locked us out of our home.  He took back anything of value he had ever given me, and canceled my health insurance when he heard from a mutual friend I found a lump on my breast.  My fiance' also decided our 10 year relationship was over and he said he was taking our daughter from me, so a court battle ensued.  A year into adjusting to our new life, God brought this wonderful organization, Woman and Wishes, to me through a friend and fellow volunteer.  My "fairy godmother"(as I call her) Jane at Woman and Wishes asked, "If you could have just one wish right this minute, what would it be?" I had about 25 in my mind immediately, but I had just been handed a horrific ruling from the court, and needed transcripts from the trial asap.  Jane waived her majic wand and filled that tall order.  I got the transcripts just in time.  I filed them with the court immediately and I am waiting for the reconsideration for rehearing at this time.  My attorney has since withdrawn expecting payment of her bills from the temperary relief order gone wrong.  I am confident these transcripts are the key to reversal of that order.  Thank you Women and Wishes!  I can't wait to give you the great news but court takes time.  I hope you will be hearing from me with the great news soon!  Thank you all so so much for granting my wish!

Anonymous Recipient


Dear Women and Wishes,

I can't begin to thank you enough for granting my wish! I am single and raising a child alone. I work fulltime but between rent, childcare and utilities, I can barely make ends meet. We are living paycheck to paycheck literally. I do not have a credit car or any savings.

I have been at the same job for 19 years and it requires a car because there is travel involved. When my 11 year old car went a month ago, I was able to scrimp enough to get it repair but less than four weeks later there it needed major repairs, which I could not afford. Without the car I would have lost my job and had no income. But Women and Wishes was able to grant my request and get my car repaired.

Without the car, I would not have a job and we would been evicted because I would have been unable to pay the rent with no income.

I can't begin to tell you how much this means to us!  Thank You

Boston Area Recipient


I am so grateful to you all for sending me a $200.00 Publix card and $100.00 Gas Card. I never realized such kindness, compassion & generosity existed and would be sent to a stranger. I never knew that toilet paper and peanut butter could turn into luxuries. With good protein and fresh food, I recovered my energy and went from 118 to 126 lbs. I had lost 14 lbs. between being so sick and not enough to eat. God bless you and your organization.

Gloriana P.


I am a single mother and have been raising my 3 1/2 year old by myself.  I have never gotten child support and am not eligible for state or federal funding.  I have lived week to week for as long as I have been a mother.  My brakes went on my car and I had to replace them.  That is when I realized I am one or two paychecks away from being homeless and I got very nervous.  I started writing to all kinds of organizations and was eventually referred to Women and Wishes.  I filled out an email questionnaire and thought I would never hear back.  Then the next day I got a call from you, that was a Friday, on Monday, you told me what backup paperwork you needed and I got that together and was meeting you Monday night for a check to my son's school for tuition, a gift card for food, gas and some necessities.  I can now breathe.  I didn't know what I was going to do and was panicking because my sons school money was due and my rent right after that.  I am proud to say that my wishes were granted by your organization and I am not worried and my stomach is not in knots about the bills.   Thank you so much.  That saying, when the Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy is so true.  After I came home Monday night from meeting you and the ladies, I was stressfree and happy.  My son and I had a wonderful night and that is a direct result that I am not in desperation/worry mode due to your organizations help.  Thank you Again.

Sheri L Whipp



 “Women and Wishes” is just what it says.  I am a woman who wished for financial recovery.  I always considered myself as a strong survivor ready for anything and usually was able to beat all the odds.  People usually came to me for help/guidance; and now who could I go too?  As many of us do - unfortunately I suffered a “bump in the road” that left me struggling to surpass and no answers.  W&W has helped me get over my bump so I may continue my journey to life’s success.

I was a skeptic and procrastinated about contacting W&W.  I had been turned down by local and state governmental agencies for various reasons.  Not only did Women and Wishes help me and my son get over our bump, but they have given me the opportunity to return the help.   I am at a lost for words and emotions at how Women and Wishes has affected our lives.  I have never met a more caring group of angels/women and am honored to be affiliated with a W&W.

My son and I would like to thank Women and Wishes for all the help they’ve given us and for what they do for families of the communities.    God Bless You!

“We fall down but we get up”

Jackie and Javon



I would like to thank Women & Wishes, Boston Chapter for their generous gift of a washing machine for my family. I am a mother of two teenage daughters with a lot of laundry to do, along with running a household, working and caring for a sick husband. Three years ago this August my husband had a brain injury and subsequently will never be back to work.

It has been very hard on my family emotionally and financially. This gift of a washing machine will make our hectic life easier. Thank you again for your very generous gift and for having such a wonderful organization.

BOSTON CHAPTER, Rhonda and family


Thank you Women and Wishes for all you have done for us and our family during our challenging times. You have made our lives have more hope and faith.

Hannah & Jacob


On behalf of my entire household, I would love to thank Women and Wishes for their assistance during our hardship. The work that your team is doing is crucial in our economic times. We are a middle class family. We recently had 2 pay cuts due to budget cuts in my husband's profession. With 2 new children and a house to run , needless to say, it has been so very difficult. The salary that we do bring in is too much for Government assistance, but not enough to cover our expenses. We are fortunate to have found your organization. We wish you Global growth and endless Finances to do the work you do for people.

"Lorraine" (name withheld)



It was a Blessing to meet this organization. I am a mother of 4 minor children and victim of domestic abuse. I have no financial support from the father. I had enough courage to get out and didn't know where to turn to but knew deep in my heart that this is not the way to live with children. My good friend suggested that I give Women and Wishes a call. I put a call into them and immediately received a call back. In a few days one of the Board Members sat down with me to discuss my situation. It was so nice to know that there are a group of women who really care and want to help. Women and Wishes helped me out with my electric bill and looking into medical insurance for me. I am trully Blessed to have met this organization and wonderful women that God put in my life.

Grace Grand



Women and Wishes has done such great things for so many people including my 2 sisters and myself. I'm 26 years old and I got custody of my 2 sisters (10 and 12) about 2 1/2 years ago. Providing for them financially has been extremely stressfull, among other things. So I provide them with just the basics and anything else such as cable, internet, eating out, ect, has been put on hold.

When the kids starting coming home with computer cd roms instead of text books and needing to do tons of research, I knew I needed internet. We were going to the library to do it but I work 2 jobs so I don't have enough time for them to stay as long as they need. A friend of mine told me about someone she had met threw Women and Wishes and we got in contact. They were amazing women and cared so much about my sisters and myself, which I found to be so heart warming.

I told them my wish was to get internet for my sisters... and we got our wish! Thank you so much Women and Wishes for granting our wish :) God bless

Stacy N.



Space Mountain, the wild and crazy roller coaster at Disney World could best describe my life over the past five years. Yes, we all LIVE, LOVE AND LEARN along the journey of life, but nothing and I mean not one single thing can prepare a mother and young children for a bitter divorce. Moreover, continual malicious and frivolous ongoing litigation has sent my family into financial despair. Providing our basic necessities has become a challenge to say the very least. Yet, I am determined to prevail and seek a sense of normalcy and solace.

I met Kelly a few weeks ago and she was absolutely beautiful, gracious and listened attentively to assess our immediate needs. My family is very grateful for the food and adorable children clothing provided by Women and Wishes.

Now, my wish is to have this amazing non-profit organization flourish and continue to serve the needs of other women. Also, I wish to "GIVE BACK" to our thriving community [one day in the near future].

Peace, Blessings and Good Health.

Truly Sincere from The Heart,




After contacting representatives of the organization, they took the time to meet with my friend on several occasions, and helped her with some of her problems. They assisted with summer camp for her daughter, a therapist to help her through her very difficult times and some financial tips. It is so thrilling to know that there is a group of women out there who are deeply concerned with the welfare of fellow women who are having a difficult time. Middle class women do not have the financial resources of the wealthy to help them through difficult financial times nor the opportunites that lower income women have available to them.
Thank you Women and Wishes for taking care of your fellow sisters. You are a blessing!!!

Linda B.




When you talk to women about Women & Wishes, frequently you'll hear such phrases as 'life-changing', 'major change', 'unexpected life change' and 'upheaval'. That has been 2008 for me; the Perfect Storm, financially, emotionally and personally.

My self esteem has taken quite a beating this year. In January, my teenage sons (15 & 17) and I went through the unexpected end of my long-term love relationship. He disappeared with the car and the savings. I was waitressing, because I really didn't NEED the income. Now I did. I decided to go back into office management, which I had been doing for years. I got a great paying job, which along with my tax return, allowed me to move into a place where my sons had their own rooms for the first time ever. The 'dream job' turned into a nightmare when a sexual harassment problem caused an not-so-pleasant ending. Back to the guaranteed money of the old low-paying job I was grateful to have money to feed the boys. Several months of trying to find a good job in a bad economy, the missed house payments have piled up.

I met Kelly and Marion briefly at a Make-A-Wish event that I attended as a parent speaker. Kelly gave me a business card, which I tucked into my wallet. The months have caused such stress as I have struggled more and more to prioritize my priorities. Aside from the obvious house payments, electric, car insurance, etc, Travis is graduating this spring, and Christmas is coming. My sons have been through so much in their short lives. Their father is an addict, and they lost their 15 year old sister to cancer five years ago. Disappointments have been many, but still they make good grades, stay out of trouble and are very protective of their mom. There are certain things I will not allow them to miss out on. They both deserve so much more.

One morning a few weeks ago I was sitting in my doctor's office, when they asked for my insurance card. I took it out of my wallet, and this lovely little business card fell out, literally at my feet. It was the card Kelly had given me. I picked it up and read the mission statement, and my eyes welled up. I couldn't believe what I was reading. It was my answer! When I got home, I wrote an email to Kelly and explained my situation. Within two days I was sitting across the table from Kelly and Marion at a diner, listening to the solutions and ideas they had to help my little family, and to help build my confidence again.

The immediate solutions we discussed; getting clothes for my sons, finding scholarships, help me find a good job, sending me for a makeover and a haircut, offering me friendship and reminding me that I really am not alone. Last week Women & Wishes held a masquerade party for their first anniversary. They invited my sons and me to be their guests. Sky, my youngest, plays football and had a playoff game, so we were not able to attend. The party was a success, and these incredibly generous women wrote me a check a few days later so I can get Travis' cap & gown, class ring and senior pictures! I could not have come up with the $500 to do this for my son.

I finally feel like this too shall pass, and that we will come out of this. I don't need a man, but I do need a support system. Now I have one. It is way too easy to isolate to avoid embarrassment, and sit at home trying to do it alone, but it got me nowhere but deeper in this mess. Women & Wishes isn't just there to "give you a fish" (although they will, for immediate relief). Women & Wishes is there, more importantly, to teach you how to fish. These women have been there. They are so very compassionate and non-judgmental. They have, themselves, needed resources and created a lot of contacts to share. All they ask in return for helping me is that I help them help someone else. Sometimes the stars align, the gods smile and the right people and opportunities come into our lives. I have made a decision to get very involved- I feel like I have found a place where I fit, and another place in life where I can make a difference.

Thank you, ladies. I am eternally grateful and looking forward to a long friendship with you personally and Women & Wishes!

Jeri Plat

Dear Women & Wishes, 


Many thanks to you for showing up in a tangible way to help my kids and I in the form of Christmas gifts, clothing, gift cards and more importantly a much needed car repair. Your selfless Christmas Blessing is nothing short of a miracle that my family will never forget.

Kelly and Marion took the time to sit and talk with me; I was not just a case number to them. I was treated like a regular person even though my circumstances weren’t the greatest. Many thanks to Ms Joanne and all the other supporters that went out of their way to make Christmas a reality for us. Additionally, thank your for inviting Derek and I to the Boat Parade Party. It was a Blast!

My heart is overwhelmed by your generosity. I truly believe that God is watching over my family and it is no co-incidence that my wish that was submitted in June of this year is now fulfilled in December. I pray for your success in the coming year and that donors will continue to financially support your organization.

Once again thank you for making our Christmas one to remember.


Denise L. Lewis





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