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We all like to have a night out and attend House Parties; whether it be for jewelry, cooking items, crafts or any other reason to get together at a friend's home. What if we could get together AND help those in need?

The exciting concept of having dinner with friends while impacting the lives of others is so compelling that Women & Wishes has created a new program, Gather & Give. This new program is specifically designed for friends, colleagues, and family members to gather on a regular basis to collectively support a local cause.

Gather & Give is a "dine in" potluck dinner and the money we would have spent "dining out" is donated to Women & Wishes. What's so great about collective giving is that our individual donation will have a greater impact when it is pooled together.

Being charitable and paying-it-forward is this party's agenda! Nothing for sale, only a small donation. Each individual makes a difference, but collectively we make an IMPACT.

So, instead of getting together and going out for a happy hour, lunch or dinner, let's pool our resources to make a difference in our community.

Gather & Give Hostess Guidelines

  • Invite a group of friends (any size gathering you want)
  • Sample invite/evite
  • Each attendee contributes to the gathering (or hostess can decide to provide the food etc.)
  • Each attendee would donate a small donation.
  • A presentation of the mission of Women & Wishes will be played from the website –One minute informative video.
  • Donations are made directly on the website at the gathering, tax receipts are provided.
  • It will be an evening of socializing with friends, and learning about a wonderful charity.
  • Your guests will then have the opportunity to get involved and host their own Gather & Give.
  • Have a sign in spreadsheet of attendees to later forward to Women & Wishes (see sample)
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