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Women & Wishes grants wishes to numerous middle income women and their children, and we gratefully acknowledge all the vendors, companies, local merchants and philanthropic professionals that made this possible. Our warmest thanks to all of you!

Here is a sampling of the wishes granted by our organization:

  • Paid rent for a women who was behind due to illness
  • Paid mortgage and FPL bill for a women who had unforseen large expenses in her home and had paid for a family funeral
  • Assisted a women by paying her late rent payment and gave her a Publix gift certificate
  • Paid a months tuition fees for 3 children whose mother is retuning to work force
  • Paid court reporter fees for woman in litigation procedure
  • Assisted with a woman’s rent and on-line notary class
  • Paid a wireless phone bill for women whose estranged husband reneged payment
  • Paid water and electric bill for woman who was finishing nursing school
  • Assisted a woman with two children whose husband was murdered by paying for her enrollment in a driving school
  • Replaced compressor and paid car insurance for a woman who had been ill
  • Repaired electric wiring for water heater for a woman raising grandchild
  • Assisted with payment of state and local business licenses for woman who had lost residence in a fire
  • Assisted women with obtaining college grants
  • Obtained medical bed for autistic child and aid to disabled mother
  • Relocated women and child from abusive situation
  • Assisted with medical bills for a family with a Cystic Fibrosis child
  • Provided funeral luncheon
  • Provided cap and gown for graduating teen
  • Obtained furniture for single mother
  • Kitchen appliances for single mother
  • Makeover for women going back to the work place
  • Arranged for therapy, camp and food for woman and 4 children
  • Christmas care packages for Marine Troops
  • Provided furniture for a woman
  • Adopted families for Thanksgiving; providing food and gift certificates
  • Adopted families for Christmas; providing children’s requested gifts, gift for the mother, Christmas dinner plus food gift certificates
  • Paid electric bill for mother with 4 children
  • Assisted with clothing, groceries, attorney for woman with 3 children
  • Paid car payment for woman
  • Replaced 4 car tires for woman with child
  • Assisted with teen’s schooling
  • Supplied internet connection and school uniforms for woman who is raising her 2 younger sisters
  • Supplied tires, shoes and food to woman with 2 sons
  • Supplied gas card and food for woman who was laid off and looking for work
  • Paid water and electric bill for woman with 1 child
  • Supplied three families with Christmas gifts

We are pleased to have been able to assist women by directing them to proper agencies, introducing them to local professionals or by funding.

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