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Kelly Cappola founded Women & Wishes in 2007 with unwavering faith and determination. Sharing her vision with close friends, she set out on the mission she knew was waiting for her. Since inception, Kelly has been flanked by her closest friend, Marion Applegate, who continues to share her vision and together they have built Women & Wishes to become a recognized non-profit organization.

After finding herself in a life challenge, Kelly realized there was a lack of subsidy and alternatives available to middle income women and their children. Subsequently, this void became the catalyst which created Women & Wishes, all because Kelly had made a conscious decision that once she was strong enough mentally, physically and spirituality, she would create an organization that would help women in similar situations.

In the beginning, the money and awareness raised for Women & Wishes began with cake sales, walks, small gatherings, and private donations accompanied by avid networking. As word spread through the community and numerous wishes were granted to women and families in need, the organization became increasingly recognized. Women & Wishes’ advancement happened through great determination and hard work.

The organization has created a strong and solid foundation, one that can be duplicated with ease as the growth continues. The all-volunteer board is comprised of dedicated women with diverse backgrounds, strengths, talents and ideas. Kelly knew the right women would be directed to her and would all possess a strong desire to positively impact the lives of the women in need.

Women & Wishes is on its way to operating on a national level, assisting women throughout the United States … just as Kelly Cappola always envisioned.




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